Rental Policy, Terms & Agreement


JCR CORPORATION (“JCR”) and the customer (“Customer”) whose name and signature appear on this agreement agree as follows:
The customer signing below authorizes JCR to process a credit card voucher in customers name for all charges and fees incurred from the rental of cellular equipment. The Customer agrees that all information submitted is true and complete. Title and ownership cellular phone equipment and accessories shall remain at all times in JCR and you agree that you will not attempt to give away, sell, mortgage, assign, dispose of or encumber said equipment nor will you in any manner impair or permit to be impaired our title to and ownership of said equipment. A deposit may be required for renters residing outside the US or Japan. Customer agrees that he is responsible for the costs from equipment loss, theft or damage per phone rented. All equipment and items included with rental must be returned and in original condition. JCR may add and Customer agrees to pay a Late Charge equal to 1.5% per month (18% per annum) on past due account balances. CUSTOMER AGREES TO REIMBURSE JCR FOR ANY AND ALL COSTS AND REASONABLE ATTORNEYS FEES INCURRED BY JCR IN COLLECTION OF CHARGES OR FEES INCURRED BY THE RENTER.

CANCELLATION, NO SHOW, LATE ARRIVAL / RETURN, and REFUND POLICIES: Customer agrees there will be no cancellation charge for deliveries in Japan if cellular equipment rental order is cancelled with JCR 72 hours prior to rental date and Customer and you will not incur any charges. Customer agrees that for deliveries within Japan if cancellation notice with JCR is not received 72 hours prior to the rental date, the Customer was not at the delivery address, or has been determined to be a “No Show”: a three days’ rental cancellation charge plus applicable tax will be billed to the Customer’s credit card. Three day cancellation charge applies for rental equipment delivered outside of Japan when cancelled after shipment to address specified in the order form. Cellular equipment rental orders received within 72 hours of the date of rental will not be charged for cancellation if the notice is received prior to the shipment of ordered cellular equipment. Business Data Plans, Long Term Orders or Special Rate Plans cancelled after shipment require payment of the minimal rental period charges. The cancellation charge will be waived in cases of equipment not delivered on promised date upon verification and documentation to JCR. There will not be a refund or offset for unused portions of a rental period unless equipment is returned prior to the scheduled return date. Use of JCR data services in Japan with renter’s own equipment may require specific knowledge on equipment capabilities and configuration. Renter is required to confirm his/her own equipment’s capabilities and configuration requirements prior to renting our equipment. If renter is unable to configure or utilize the device to connect to the internet, not returning and keeping the equipment throughout or part of the rental period will invalidate any possible of full refund or credit. A refund or offset for an early return does not override any applicable cancellation fees. Phones not returned by Customer on agreed on return date will automatically renewed from day to day until receipt of cancellation notice or return of equipment. NOTE: JCR does not pre-schedule pickup of the cellular equipment. It shall be your responsible to ensure the equipment is returned without delay. Return procedures are provided along with the cellular equipment. Additional rental days may be charged if these procedures are not followed.

Equipment Replacement Costs:
Japan Cellular Phone $100
iPhone 3GS $250
iPhone 4 $300
iPhone 4S $300
iPhone 5 or 5S $500
iPhone 6 or 7 $900
Android Smartphone $500 – $750
Tablet $700 – $900
iPhone or Smartphone Case $30
WiFi Router $300
Sim Card $50
Blackberry $300-$500 Carry Case $25 CD $25 USB Cable: $25
Mini SD Card $35
Korea Cellular Phone $300
China Cellular Phone $100
High-Speed Data Card $200-$300 (CD-Rom $10 / Manual $10)
Equipment Case $45
AC Charger $25
USB Cable $25
Manual $25
Display Protector $15
Clear Cases $5
Phone Strap $15
Information Folder $15

Note: Repair of equipment determined by charges received from provider.

Credit Verification, Deposit Requirement, Temporary Service: Based upon information supplied by Customer, JCR will obtain credit information regarding Customer from trade references and credit reporting agencies. Based on this information, and other information obtained by JCR, JCR may require Customer to make deposit with JCR. JCR reserves the right to either refund the deposit if Customer has maintained the account in good standing, or apply the deposit to any balance owed by Customer to JCR. If JCR refunds the deposit to Customer, said deposit will be sent to Customer by United States first class mail to Customer last known address. JCR may require that any such deposit be increased based on Customer usage or changes in Customer credit status, or any other valid reason. At JCR sole discretion, Customer may receive Service prior to credit review without waiving JCR right to demand security deposit from Customer.

Access and Telephone Number: Network access is provided by NTT DoCoMo (Japan) or other domestic or International providers by means of an ten (10) or eleven (11) digit telephone number. The telephone number is at all times the property of JCR, and the Customer has no interest in, or claim of right to, the telephone number. JCR reserves the right to change the telephone number upon two (2) days prior notice, except that in the event of an extension of a current rental or suspected fraud, no notice is required. A cellular telephone number issued by JCR to Customer under this agreement may not be assigned to, or associate with, another cellular telephone except with the consent of JCR. If Customer assigns or associates the cellular telephone number to another cellular telephone without JCR consent, Customer shall be responsible for all to said telephone number.

Limitations of Liability: JCR shall not be liable to Customer for interruptions of service, loss of data, interceptions of cellular transmission, omissions or errors of third parties, equipment failures, acts of god, strikes, government actions, or causes beyond JCR reasonable control. JCR shall not be liable if changes in operations, procedures, or services require modification or alteration of customer equipment or render customer equipment obsolete. there shall be no reductions, setoffs, or credits against the charges for service for downtime or interruption of service unless such period exceeds twenty-four (24) consecutive hours from the time of notice of interruption until service restoration is provided to customer. if service interruption exceeds twenty-four (24) consecutive hours, JCR shall provide customer with a credit allowance equal to the amount payable by customer during the service interruption period, provided customer promptly notified JCR of the service interruption. JCR shall give no credit for circumstances caused by the negligence or intentional acts or willful misconduct of the customer. In no event shall JCR be liable to customer for incidental, consequential or punitive damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of use, or loss of business opportunity. JCR shall not be liable for injury to customer, other persons, or property damage through the use of any equipment or service provided under this agreement customer indemnity: CUSTOMER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, HOLD HARMLESS, AND DEFEND JCR AGAINST ANY CLAIMS RELATED TO CUSTOMER’S MISUSE OF SERVICE OR EQUIPMENT UNDER THIS AGREEMENT. CUSTOMER AGREES TO REIMBURSE JCR FOR ANY AND ALL COSTS AND REASONABLE ATTORNEYS FEES INCURRED BY JCR IN DEFENDING ANY CLAIMS.

WARNING: Renters will be responsible for all repair or replacement costs resulting from the tampering, unlocking, flashing or attempting to modify the OS of any device and will no longer be eligible to rent from JCR.

The Customer represents he has read, understands, and agree with all conditions set forth herein. This agreement shall be in effect when signed by Customer and accepted by JCR. Customer shall pay to JCR all reasonable costs and expenses including attorney’s fees, consultation, court costs, collection, and collection agency fees incurred by JCR in exercising any of its rights or remedies hereunder or enforcing any of the terms, condition or provisions hereof. Call data may be used at any time to contact or locate client in cases when credit card is declined or has expired. All information provided here will be kept in strict confidence and shall not be distributed to any other source.

Rates as of 1/1/2019: Prices subject to change without prior notice. Please contact us for group rates/conditions. Add 8% Japan Consumption Tax to all rates and fees.